Managed IT Services should be the ‘means to an end’ that enable your business to operate efficiently and successfully.

Security Solutions


Security is a critical component of any business. Anti-Virus is vital for end user devices to ensure smooth running of the device and for security to be maintained. Viruses can have many destructive objectives which can have a small to critical impact on your users and business. Some types are

  • Browser pop ups for advertising (slows PC down and makes browsing web difficult)
  • Encryption of files (files are made unavailable and a ransom is demanded for their return)
  • Key loggers (captures your keyboard input for logins like Internet Banking)

We offer a robust Anti-Virus cloud based solution for both Windows, Linux and MAC devices. This ensures that any and all of your devices are protected.

Network Device security upgrades

Software patching is vital to any healthy system, network devices are no exception. Hardware vendors are consistently providing security patches for their devices to ensure bugs and security flaws are closed. If you are not patching your network devices, you are leaving these issues there to be exploited.

We offer a network patching review and upgrade path. This can either be just the review or the required software patching as well.

Email and Web filter solutions

Email filters are a critical part of any company’s day to day business. Anti-Spam detection, blocking of emails with dubious content, certain words or types of attachments blocked. These are just some examples of vital protection to ensure a cleaner, error-free mailbox.

Web filters are commonplace for most businesses. The complexity, however, varies greatly. Do you wish to block certain types of websites? Gambling/pornography - specific websites? Do you wish to restrict access to some content during set times, Facebook and twitter only between 12-2pm? These are just some examples of the options available with our Cloud based system.

Web filters are designed to both restrict what types of websites users can access, at what time, and to ensure that low reputation websites are not allowed to be accessed.

Backup & Disaster recovery Solutions

Backup solutions

A backup solution is key for every business. Without backups, your business could implode. How would you handle your main file server going down if you had no backups of it? All that data would be lost. The same for your SQL database server or Email server.

Having a backup solution in place gives you the confidence to know that no data is ever really lost, and can be recovered, it’s just a matter of time.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Another consideration when it comes to backups is a disaster. What for your company is a disaster, losing a key server for more than 60mins, 30mins, 15mins? Your entire site has been flooded? We offer backup solutions to cover this.

A cloud-based backup is one of the cheaper options available, but does nothing in relation to speeding up the restoraion process. However, having the backups offsite ensures they are never lost due to a disaster at your premise.

We also offer DR solutions with option of having a server back up and running within few minutes. This solution can be onsite-only or onsite and in the cloud, utilizing virtual infrastructure.

Cloud Solutions

Hosted Servers and Applications

Need a new server or application but don’t want the initial cost of a new physical server? Hardware cost is a substantial chunk of an IT budget for most SME’s. A hosted solution may be the best option for you. We work with both Microsoft Azure Platform and Amazon AWS  to offer you the best solution for your business.

Email solutions

Hosted email solutions are utilized by most SME’s due to their costs and scalability with no hardware costs. Your emails will be accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection.

We primarily offer Office 365 for this email solution. There are different options available depending on your requirements. Some options available are: Office applications, Yammer (business social networking service), and Telephony VOIP services.

Professional Services

Domain – Active Directory

Having a company domain makes management a lot easier and can be integrated with your other systems. This can simplify such processes as new user creations etc.

A domain allows better control over end user devices, group policies allows you to enforce settings as part of logon. From single logon to desktop, applications and emails, giving users access to certain file shares via Active Directory Groups and VPN access. Other functions are configuring a desktop background image, screensaver, user rights, and automatically mapping network drives.

We can design and implement your Active Directory System to meet your current, and future, growth expectations.


Your network is the road on which your business runs, it is vital that it is well-laid and maintained for smooth operating.

We can design and implement your network from scratch, or upgrade your current network (whether to increase security, replace old devices, growth, or expanding into a new site).

Office Relocation

Are you looking to move office? Are you worried about moving your current hardware and systems and ensuring everything is smoothly transitioned? Maybe you're looking to put in brand new hardware, or migrate systems to the cloud as part of a move.

Whatever your requirements are, we are here to help; from planning, moving to floor walking on go live.


Every business requires storage. This may be for servers, applications, or files. This can range from hard drives in servers, to separate storage platforms like Storage Area Networks, Network Attached Storages or cloud-based platforms. We can discuss your specific requirements with you, and come up with a storage solution that best fits your needs.


A lot of SME’s look at virtual servers; this is due to the excessive cost of buying multiple physical servers. Backup and restoring virtual servers is also a simpler and quicker process than restoring a physical server, should need arise. The cost of running a virtual server is also lower than running a physical server.

Are you looking to migrate your physical servers into a virtual environment? Perhaps you want some new virtual servers. Is this going to be in your office or in the cloud? From new virtual servers on existing platforms, to designing and implementing full-blown virtual infrastructure onsite or in the cloud, we can help.

Office 365 migration

Are you looking to migrate your on-premise email into the cloud? Maybe you're looking to move from your current cloud provider to Office 365. Whatever your goal, you can ensure your Office 365 migration will go as smooth as possible.

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